Return to Innocence

You’ve been quite the roller coaster so far, Seattle. Everything from making a lot of friends (all with expiration dates–the nature of interns), lifelong connections, and working my ass off.

I think it’s safe to say, I finally did what I wanted–I got my job at Boeing. However since then I’ve taken up climbing, decided to move, and most of all get myself back out there. Why not right? I need to make some friends, and start to grow a network in Seattle. More so get into the creative “scene” that is all over the city–in a way, a return to my roots. FlyEspresso is going to capture that adventure going forward. Welcome. The café snob is back, he’s packing his Monocle issues, his MacBook Air and his road bike.

Ever listened to Enigma? This song might ring a bell “Return to Innocence

It’s New, It’s Fresh, It’s Fly Espresso

With Fly Espresso I’m trying something different. Rather than the ramblings of a kid, the crazy ideas of an online magazine–this is just going to be me. Now a lot of the main topics will include Travel, Cycling, Academics, Business, Design and most of all Photography. There will be essays, travel logs, design taredowns, galleries, links, and just about anything that floats into my mind. I think everyone will like it a lot, nothing like getting inside my head right?

I got the idea for the name Fly Espresso a while back while watching Mad Men (has nothing to do with the show at all though). Even though it stuck, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it. At the same time a lot of things came up in my life, both medically and personally–a lot of my projects and even who I was got put onto the back burner. Things are different now, and for the better too!

All I ask is to bear with me while I get this going and to keep stopping by, my plan is to have at least put 3 or so things up a week. Also be honest, feedback is welcome and I will undoubtedly post things to have a dialog on them too! Maybe my English will get better to…

Stay tuned, this is Fly Espresso, some of what is coming up is after the break! Continue reading It’s New, It’s Fresh, It’s Fly Espresso

The Night Sky at 39,000 Feet

Hurtling through the sky at 39,000 feet I’ve encountered some of the most profound moments of my life. I left Japan by jet when I was only 5.5 years old, only to return again 7 years later. I would later leave from SeaTac airport after graduating High school once again heading again to Tokyo—unbeknownst to me I’d later be on the cusp of working in Seattle. When all these moments occurred, I had no idea that they’d linger with me. My life and who I am is a byproduct of my passion for adventure—for the grandeur of flight.

That leaves me with where I am now, a Southwest flight on a brand new Boeing 737-800—heading to my last semester of my collegiate career. I’m listening to some great tunes, many from my time in Tokyo along with the new (Parov Stelar’s Booty Swing, check it out). It has hit me that I’ll be working for Boeing, supporting the company that indirectly made me who I am. I’m finally comfortable with that—it somehow just fits. Continue reading The Night Sky at 39,000 Feet